Are you looking to go get ores, wood, etc? Or even just want to play survival on a city roleplay server? Then the wilderness is your place.

How do I get to the wilderness?

You can get to the wilderness by going to the main airport and following the red and green carpets through the airport to catch a plane which costs £125. When you enter the plane, you instantly get teleported to the wilderness airport, where you can walk 100 blocks away from till you see Wilderness pop up where you can do anything you want.

Is there any laws in the wilderness?

No there is no laws in the wilderness which means pvp and griefing is allowed. So becarful of your surrounding and make sure to not leave any valuables in chests. The cops are not allowed to arrest in the wilderness, so do not beg them to help if someone is hurting or griefing you.

Can I get my area protected in the wilderness?

No you can not at this moment in time, all the land other then the spawn shall be unprotected.