In the following, you will find the Official Rules and Punishments Page for DuskHaven! There will always be a possibility of a change to the rules so be sure to check this thread regularly to stay up to date with what is happening. If ever you are confused or have any questions pertaining to the rules and punishments of the server, you may always contact a staff member for an answer to your question!

1. General Roleplay Rules;

  • You must always RP as the job you have chosen e.g. if your a police officer, you must attend to all crimes and must not break any laws.
  • Players may not disclose who killed them after they are murdered, their memory is wiped.
  • Players may not drive cars indoors
  • Players may not drive cars or spawn cars on the roof of buildings, or on trees.
Please also check out all the Laws the government creates on the Law Page at – 

2. No Hacks/clients/bots/scripts and/or Macros

Use of any mod, client, resource pack or macro/program that modifies your gaming experience in a way that is unfair and gives an advantage over the rest of the player base, will result in a permanent ban without warning.

Punishment: Permanent Ban


3. No advertising

Linking, referencing or naming another server or website that is not affiliated with DuskHaven is not permitted. This includes any suspicious links such as youtube/twitch/twitter account links.

Note: You ARE allowed to state that you are streaming in the public chat and if a player wishes to watch your stream. This, however, must be done in the manner followed: eg. Streaming DuskHaven! PM me for my channel name! You are NOT allowed to advertise the name or link of your channel in the Public Chat!

1st Offence Punishment: Verbal warning (if spammed, second offense punishment will take action).

2nd Offence Punishment: 3 Day Mute (/Mute)

3rd Offence Punishment: Permanent Mute and ban may follow.


4. Spamming, Swearing, Racism, Discrimination, Disrespect, Threats, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not tolerated on this server!

Any remark to make anyone feel unpleasant or unwelcome is not permitted, we include anyone and everyone. This includes inappropriately renamed items, skins, and in-game names.

1st Offence Punishment: Verbal Warning (if excessive, second offense punishment will take action)

2nd Offence Punishment: Formal Warning (/Warn)

3rd Offence Punishment: 1 Day Mute (/Mute)

4th Offence Punishment: 1 Day Temporary Ban


5. No Sexually Inappropriate Content

We are a server for players of all ages. Offering yourself, or pictures of yourself, to any player or staff, is not permitted. Directing sexual gestures and phrases, towards others is not appropriate. This includes inappropriate in-game names, buildings on islands and skins.

1st Offence Punishment: Formal Warning

2nd Offence Punishment: 1 Day Temp Ban

3rd Offence Punishment: 7 Day Temp Ban

4th Offence Punishment: Permanent Ban


6. Glitches, Duplication, and Exploits – If an exploit is found, report it immediately by contacting a staff member

Using a glitch or exploit within the game to provide yourself, you or others an advantage will result in a ban from the server.

These exploits pertain to, but are not limited to:

  • Block Glitching
  • Item Duplication
  • Exploiting /bump to jump to heights you would not usually be able to reach

Punishment depending on severity, at the digression of Administrative and Management team: 15 Day Temp Ban/ 30 Day Temp Ban/ Permanent ban.

If you and another server member are BOTH caught committing an act such as exploiting/glitching, you shall both be subjected to the punishments.

Note: In severe cases such as ‘item duplication’ or the ‘exploitation of a major (not yet known) bug’ if you do this on your island with or without the knowledge of all players on that island you may jeopardize the accounts of all players on said island (eg. you may get everyone on that island banned due to YOU exploiting a glitch/ bug on YOUR clans island). This again will be at the digression of the administrative and management team.

1st Offence Punishment: 7 Day Temp Ban

2nd Offence Punishment: 10 Day Temp Ban

3rd Offence Punishment: Permanent Ban

Excessive offenses that follow will be reviewed by upper staff members and will be situated according to the situation.


7. In Real Life Money Scamming / Chargebacks.

In Real Life Money Scamming, in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for favors in-game. Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a Permanent Ban.

Purchasing ranks for any player other than yourself, for in-game items or as a gift, is strongly discouraged. Though not bannable, players who agree to this type of transaction are placing themselves at risk. If the player were to chargeback, the receiver of the purchase would be responsible for the purchase and could result in your account being permanently banned from the server until the funds are repaid.

Continued offenses will result in complete removal from the server with no chance of appeal.


8. Selling in-game items / IGN’s etc for PayPal or other game items

Players are not permitted to sell in-game items including their Minecraft account on the server for PayPal / cash or make deals regarding items outside of DuskHaven.

1st Offence Punishment: 30 Day Temp Ban

2nd Offence Punishment: Permanent Ban

Excessive offenses that follow will be reviewed by upper staff members and will be situated accordingly to the situation.


9. Swatting, DDOS and DOX Threats

Threatening to terminate or exploit another player or their internet will result in removal from the server. Dosing is a federal offense and goes further than breaking rules in the game and releasing players personal information is exploitation which also goes outside of the game.

Punishment: Permanent IP Ban


10. Staff Impersonation

Attempting to impersonate a member of staff by any means is not permitted this includes changing your /nick to that of a staff member.

1st Offence Punishment: Formal Warning (/Warn)

2nd Offence Punishment: 1 Hour Mute (/Mute)

3rd Offence Punishment: 1 Day Temp Ban



If you refuse to join the Discord while frozen, log out while frozen, change settings, disable windows logging, clear your trash container or end windows processes, you WILL be permanently banned. This punishment could also apply to alts.

Evading an IP ban is not permitted. This is some cases may get more than just your alt banned if the member of your island have knowledge that you are banned from playing on an alt account.

Any offense considered excessive, consistent, or persistent on the server could result in a Ban / IP Ban.

Breaking ANY of these rules could result in:

Formal Warnings

Temporary Ban (in-game and/or on the forums)

Permanent Ban (in-game and/or on the forums)

Execution of Punishments is up to the Administrators, Owners, and Developers.