Around our city there is many different types of residential and commercial properties for sale and rent with all different prices depending on their area, size and materials used.

To buy or rent a property, go to a property you like and check if it pops in chat with e.g. Property01 is rent for £750 every 14 days. If something similar does pop up in chat, find a sign near the front of the property that shows the property name, price and how many days the rent is valid for (if the property is for rent) then right click the sign to buy or rent (depending if it a [For Rent] or [For Sale] sign.

What if the property is not up for rent or for sale?

If you are interested in a property that is not for sale or rent and no body owns it, you can request the government to put it for or rent by writing in a book and quill (can get one free from a petrol station or post office) the following format and fill in your answers (Send your completed book to the post office);

Minecraft Username:

Coordinates of the location:

House, apartment or Business:

For sale or for rent:

Can you rent your own property out to someone else?

Currently you can not however a Landlord role may come out in the future (no eta)

Can you share your property with a friend?

Yes, whilst inside the property do /as addfriend (username) and they will be added to your property. If you no longer want them to have access to the property you can do /as unfriend (username)

How do I unrent or sell my property if I do not want it anymore?

If you are renting the property do /as unrent whilst on the property to unrent it.

If you own the property, you can sell your property back to the government for 80% or if you are the landlord rank you can resell to another player or rent your property out.

Is there any restrictions what I can do with my property?

Yes, you are not allowed to edit the exterior such as changing the blocks of the outside walls, adding another floor, adding basement or putting an extension on your property without permission from the government.

However you can edit any interior such as knock down a wall (inside your home) or redecorate. 

You are also not allowed;

  • Any type of farms
  • Nether Portals
  • Chest shops (in residential property)
  • Generators such as cobble generators

To ask for permission to do exterior work or add a basement, etc, write in a book and quill (can get one for free from a petrol station or the post office)  the following format and fill in your answers (send your completed book to the post office);

Minecraft Username:

Region name:

House or apartment:

Rented or Owned:

What work would you like to carry out: