Hello future cadet. You will need to know a few things before becoming your ‘Dream Job’ on this server
You will need to know the laws on the laws page under info and some general police laws to follow.

We hope you take all this information in, remember and put them into place once you pass the exam.


1.) Injured criminals must be taken to hospital for treatment before being arrested
2.) If someone is robbing the bank. Everyone must exit the bank to avoid getting accused.
3.)  If you prank call 999 you will be warned, if you prank call again, you will get arrested.
4.) Call for backup if you are in serious danger or notice that someone is being held hostage
5.) Explain to every person you arrest on why they are been arrested. 
6.) All drug farms within city limits are illegal and the owner if known must be put on the wanted list.

As a police officer / cadet you have to take this job seriously. If you see someone commit a crime. Do what is necessary for them to stop. You must only drive your police car while on duty, not a personal car. If someone has died, all the laws that they broke before they died becomes invalid and you must treat them as if nothing has ever happened. You must not use deadly force unless it is necessary. For example: If someone is trying to kill you, or if there is a armed robber then you can kill them. If someone is being arrested you are not to kill them. You must listen to the Police Chief if they give you a request. You must take this job seriously, You can not commit a crime within 2 weeks before becoming a cadet. If you commit any crime while being a cadet / officer then you will be fired and you won’t be able to become any job that supports citizens in crisis. for example: Fire-fighter, Doctor, Police. To lower accusation of cop abuse, You must tell the victim why you are arresting them and also write a report on what has happened. Even though you are a police cadet / officer, you can not enter the bank at night unless someone is robbing it. You are also not allowed in the vault unless someone is trying to rob the bank. Upon someone robbing the bank, we enter the bank with as many officers as possible and military if we don’t have many officers or cadets online, contact the SWAT team if any online to help you out. If the SWAT and or police officer find the robber with their gun out, they shoot. If not then they cuff. If the person is no where to be found. We get a few police officers waiting at the exit of the bank.  If you find the person and they have not left the bank, you fine them up to £1000. If they gets away. You fine £50 when you next find them but if you have not found them yet you put on wanted list