Making Money

Wondering how to make some money? Well there is many different ways you can make money on the server.

The number #1 source of money is actually been active on the server as you gain a salary (the amount depends on your role) every 20 minutes however afk farming is not allowed. 

All the job payment salaries are privately disclosed to stop everyone picking a role because of it pay, we want you to be able to enjoy roleplaying the role and know what you doing and not have everyone picking the highest paying job to gain more income which would equal all the other roles abandoned which then equals to no roleplay. So pick a role you actually enjoy. 

Some other ways you can make money is by –

  • Getting paid from others for doing your job services such as; taxi-driver getting paid from people to give them a lift or doctors getting paid from people for giving them medication.
  • Selling resources you gain from the wild
  • Robbing the bank (only criminals can rob the bank)
  • Stealing and selling people items with the use of a feather¬†
  • Quests (Coming soon)
  • Renting out your property
  • Renting out a room in your property by asking them to pay you in return for doing “/as addfriend (username)” which grants them access to the property
  • Doing jobs for other players
  • ….and many more ways that you can’t imagine