Please find below all the city laws we have ingame. Note: Not following any of the laws, do not result in any server punishment such as warnings, kick or ban. It will result in been arrested and court cases however if it necessary due to someone spoiling roleplay for everyone e.g. not taking any effect to follow a single roleplay activity or a police officer arresting/killing everyone for no reason, server staff may take action.

General Laws –

1. You can not kill domestic animals within the city

2. Do not murder anyone

3. Running away from the police is unlawful

4. Do not trepass into fenced off areas

5. Forgery of a book or even attempting is illegal

6. Bribery is illegal

7. All drugs are illegal and if you get caught, you will be arrested straight away.

8. Taking someone hostage is illegal

9. Theft is illegal

10. Human trafficking is illegal

11. Assault is illegal

12. Reckless driving and parking wrongly will result in a ticket

13. If you prank call 999 you will be warned, if you prank call again, you will get arrested.

14. You can not follow on duty emergency vehicles, such as police cars.

15. If you help someone with a crime, You are held accountable for their actions and is illegal

16. You can not carry guns unless it is in self-defence. Guns must be concealed at all times

17. Do not drink and drive.


Property Laws –

1. You are not allowed to have any of the following in an apartment or a residential property –

  • Any types of farms
  • Nether portals
  • Chest shops
  • Generators such as cobble generators

2. You must ask the government for consent if you wish to do any work that involves;

  • Editing exterior such as changing the blocks of the outside walls
  • Adding another story to your house
  • Adding a basement to your house
  • Putting an extension on your house

However you can edit any interior such as knock down a wall (inside your home) or redecorate. 

To ask for consent, write in a book and quill (can get one for free from a petrol station or thepost office)  the following format and fill in your answers (send your completed book to the post office);

Minecraft Username:

Region name:

House or apartment:

Rented or Owned:

What work would you like to carry out:

3. If you are interested in a property that is not for sale or rent and no body owns it, you can request the government to put it for or rent by writing in a book and quill (can get one free from a petrol station or post office) the following format and fill in your answers (Send your completed book to the post office);

Minecraft Username:

Coordinates of the location:

House, apartment or Business:

For sale or for rent:

4. Domestic animals such as dogs, cats and parrots are allowed in apartments unless told otherwise by the landlord

5. If you are renting from another user, respect their wishes and rules of your landlord as well as the server laws. If you do not like them, you’re allowed to move to a different place

6. For owned property, you can sell your property back to the government for 80% or if you are the landlord rank you can resell to another player or rent your property out.

Business Laws

1. Your’re allowed to make your own business only if you are the business rank

2. You’re allowed to hire employees that complete certain tasks, depending on the business. However you must pay them for their work, otherwise it will be treated as scamming and the employee can start a lawsuit against the employer

2. You’re allowed to hire employees that are different roles to complete certain tasks however their main job (current role) is priority and they must not abuse e.g. doctor giving you medicines to sell or police giving you cuffs to sell.

3. Your company’s name can’t be similar to another one unless it a franchise and the owner of the first company gave you permission

4. If an employer asks you to complete a task that is illegal, you can report your employer and the business however if you complete the task, you will be held fully accountable for the actions (can not blame the owner of the company giving you the task)

5. If you are an employee and don’t get paid for the completed tasks, you are able to report your employer and the business.

6. Your employer reserves the right to fire you, no matter the reason. 

7. If you get invited to work in a business, it is your choice if you want to accept or decline the offer. 

Wilderness Laws

1. Griefing and PVP in the wilderness are allowed, you are not allowed to call the police or ask for staff if this occurs.

2. You’re not allowed to have 100% automated farms this includes farms that require no player interaction at all such as “pistons activating when a melon or sugarcane grows or cactus farm with blocks to make cactus break”. All farms require at least some player interaction (e.g. push of a button and/or replant the crops)

3. Keep the amount of mobs you hold to a minimum to allow other players to have some animals and to avoid lag.

Vehicle Laws

1. You must pass the Drivers exam in order to own a car or flying license to own a helicopter or plane.

2. You can only drive on the right side of the road.

3. Driving on pavements, fields, inside building (not including garages/driveways and parking lots), etc is not allowed and you will be fined if caught.

4. It is illegal to enter another person car or bike without their permission. 

5. If you park in the middle of the road or next to a house or business where the owner of the property does not approve for more then 24 hours your car be clamped or towed away and be taken to the junkyard for collection with a £100 fine from the government.

Hospital Laws

1. Selling medicines outside of the hospital is not allowed unless it an emergency such as the patient is losing hearts (If they got things such as a broken leg – not an emergency). If caught selling medicines when it not an emergency you will be given a warning + fine, next time you will be fired.

2. If you give someone the wrong medicine, you will be given a fine and may be fired if it occurs more then once. Give a full examination of the patient before curing them (don’t just ask them what the disease is straight away).

3. You must follow the instructions of Doctors and pay them before they hand over the cure to a disease

(Last updated 01/05/2019)