Basic Commands

Please find below some basic commands do not require their own page but are necessary to know to make your gameplay on the server more smoothly;

  • /spawn – This command teleport you to the spawn that suits your role. E.g. Citizen get teleported to airport, Police roles get teleported to police station, Doctor roles get teleported to hospital, etc. So after you become a job you can no longer do /spawn to go to the airport. You will have to walk or drive there.
  • /health – This command allows you to see your current health status on the server and if you have a disease or not, as you can catch a variety of different diseases from choking, broken leg, open wound and more. Some common effects of diseases are slowness, blindness, dizziness, lose hearts, etc. 
  •  /kit – This allows you to see what kits you have access to as many different job roles have their own unique kit, the basic kits are /kit starter and /kit food which you will find below. When you become a job role do /kit to see if you have any unique kits for your role (not all roles have a unique kit) and then type /kit (name) to spawn the kit items into your inventory to see what you receive.
  • /kit starter – This gives you a starter car to help you get around the world. 
  • /kit food – Gives you some steak, if you require more food (when this kit is still on cooldown) ask players ingame or go to one of our petrol stations around the map.