Do you want to break the law and cause chaos around the city? Then you may as well come a criminal and do anything you want (longs it follows server rules) and it comes at a risk of been jailed by the police. So you best watch out!

If you do want to become criminal, you need to go to the criminal hideout below and sit either of the two easy exams.

As there is two tiers of Criminals;

Thug – Through this career you are able to;

  • Create gangs and become a gang leader
  • Craft guns illegally (Need to be promoted to hitman first, this is done by been active on the server)
  • Rob banks
  • Rob others with feathers you can buy from the criminal hideout
  • Access to a criminal (and police) private room

Assassin – Through this career you are able to;

  • Jump walls more then 2 blocks
  • Climb treesĀ 
  • Climb fences/iron bars
  • Climb buttonsĀ 
  • Rob banks