City Locations

Main Spawn/Airport

Everyone starts off here and you can come here to travel to the wilderness

Coordinates; x:660 z:-116


Have a disease come here to get checked out by a doctor (if any online)

Coordinates; x:243 z:3

Police Station

You don’t want to come here unless you are a police force as 99.9% of the time it will be because you have been arrested.

Coordinates; x:-17 z:-64


Everyone comes here to setup their identify in /card

Coordinates; x:660 z:-116


Come and deposit/withdraw money to keep it secure.

Coordinates; x:584 z:-498


Everyone comes here to do exams to start a new job role.

Coordinates; x:1511 z:-139


Hungry? Come here if a chef online and buy some delicious food. 

Coordinates; x:-22 z:-274

Criminal Hideout

The most dangerous place in the city, the police are doing their best to make it safe.

Coordinates; Government are not allowed to disclosed but apparently the photo on the right is the criminal hideout which was sent in from an anonymous user.

Petrol station

Need fuel or food? Come on down.

Coordinates; x:1224 z:-560

Car Dealership

Come and buy a car or bike from here and travel around the city with ease.

Coordinates; x:229 z:846

Business Towers

The business role spawn point and exam is here.

Coordinates; x:51 z:15

Starter Homes

Looking to get a property that suits your budget? These homes are great small starter homes to start your living.

Coordinates; x:323 z:-25

Camera Security HQ

Looking to become a camera security member to help the police watch over the city, this is your spot.

Coordinates; x:-13 z:–560


Looking to rent a farm to farm and sell crops? This is the best place to be. (Make sure you are the farmer role first)

Coordinates; x:1373 z:-982

Gun Shop

Looking to buy a gun or become a gun-specialist to sell guns? This is the right place to be!

Coordinates; x:415 z:961

Commercial Starter Properties

Looking to start your own business? These shops are a good place to start your business with cheap rent prices.

Coordinates; x:349 z:945

Wilderness Plane Entrance

Looking to go to the wilderness? This is the place you need to go at the airport to hop onto a plane to the wilderness.

Coordinates; x:510 z:-974

Wilderness Spawn

You can find below the coordinates to wilderness spawn if you want to get back to safety or just want explore the spawn again. Note: Do /spawn to get back to the city, there isn’t a return flight.

Coordinates; x:190 z:63 (In the wilderness world not the city world)