At DuskHaven we have a variety of different ways you can chat to others which makes each chat topic stand out clearly to the public.

This also allows you to filter out certain chat topics which is explained further down on the page.

All the chat channels –

1. Global – The main chat channel out of all of them. Everyone at the start of joining DuskHaven automatically talk in this channel. Global is to chat to everyone publicly where everyone in the server can see. 

You can leave global at any point by doing “/ch leave global” if you no longer want  to see everyone chatting however we do not recommend leaving Global as you will barely able to roleplay with others when roleplay is the point of the server.

If you do leave Global chat channel, you can rejoin by doing “/ch join global”

When you reenter the city after going to the wild, you may find yourself not been able to chat in the global chat channel with it stating “You must join the chat channel” This is a small bug and to fix it, you can do /ch leave local then /ch join local and you will now able to chat in global normally again.

2. Local – Local chat has a 30 block distance from where you are standing. This allows you to chat to people in your area privately by typing “/l (your message)” 

To leave local you can do “/ch leave local” and to join back you can do “ch join local”

3. 999 – Have you got a disease or witness a criminal activity then do /999 (your message) to let the doctor or police department know of your emergency.

Note: Only Police and Doctors will able to see your message, and they are unable to respond to you through the 999 channel so be precised about your emergency e.g. location, your problem, etc.

4. Trade – Are you selling something and want your advertisement to stand out to the public then type /t (your message)

Do not chat in this channel if you are not buying or selling anything, warnings will be given out if so.

5. Help – Do you need help or have a question about the server to ask, if so type /h (your message) this will send your message in the help channel (which everyone can see and hopefully someone will able to quickly help you out)

To leave the help channel do “/ch leave help” and you can rejoin by doing “/ch join help”

Phone –

On top of all the chat channels we have a brilliant phone feature, to get a phone do /phone and a phone which looks like a nether brick will pop up in your inventory.

With your phone you can add contacts by finding out people numbers or give out your own number to others. When you have managed to get contacts you are able to text and email them privately (in an area with signal). You can see if you got signal by hovering over the …… in the top right. 

Phones also have a silent mode feature to mute any phone sounds and a passcode feature incase your phone gets stolen. If your phone gets stolen without a passcode, the thief can text and email as you.