Camera Security

So you’re thinking of joining the security team. Well before you start your ‘interesting career’ on the server. You will need to know some basic information and pointers about the Security team to make your security exam and job run smoothly!

Been a camera security officer is a very important job. You will have to be on look out all the time on the computer at our security office to witness any activity occuring in the city and report any unusual activity to the police.

If you spot someone committing a crime such as entering the vault, you must contact any police that are online right away so they can get to the crime scene quicker. Even if police are at the scene, you should still watch the cctv and report where the criminal is if they are on the run.

If a police ever contacts you to ask about any activity you might of seen, you must never give out the information right away and ask for their badge number and then ask for the c.o.l.d letter however if they do not have the c.o.l.d letter then contact Police Chief, say their name and report them.

I have become a camera security office but how do I use a camera?

Well here is a simple useful guide to teach you your first steps of your new job;

1. Sit in your office chair

2. Right click the computer (Nether brick stair)

3. At this moment you can either do one of the following steps –

  • Click on one of the camera icons that are already on the screen (to view the camera group that is already on there)
  • Or to change to a different group of cameras –
  1. Click the button in top left corner (Options)
  2. Click set camera group (the chest)
  3. Click the camera group you want to look at e.g. want to view the bank cameras then you can click Group: Bank
  4. Click Back (Back arrow)
  5. You should now have all the bank cameras on your screen
  6. Go back to step 1 to change to a different location

Camera Buttons Guide (whilst inside a camera) –

  • Night Vision – If the camera too dark, you can turn night vision on to turn the camera light on to view in dark area (Rarely will be needed)
  • Zoom – You can zoom in and out of the camera to get a better look of the area e.g. zoom onto a player to see what they are up to.
  • Move left – Moves the camera left to view the location (towards the left)
  • Move right – Moves the camera right to view the location (towards the right)
  • Left – Switches to the next camera anti clockwise to switch through cameras quicker
  • Right – Switches to the next camera clockwise to switch through cameras quicker

To exit the camera or your chair click shift!