So you’re are thinking about owning a company? Well it is the perfect time to do so! You can get loads of customers and earn tons upon tons of money. You must also follow some rules and guidelines to become a business.

Here are some commands to start you off:

/company help – Shows commands

/company info – Shows company information

/company start <name> – Starts a company

/company disband – Disbands a company

/company set – Set’s a new company owner

/company employee – Shows all the employee commands for businesses

/company pay – Pay employee’s

/company bank – Shows bank amount

/company bank deposit/withdraw <amount> – Deposit or Withdraw money to and from your back account.

/company leave – Leave your company

/company edit – Edit your company information

All these commands will help you start off or get a big company. You can buy or rent company buildings located in all different parts of the city. At the current moment of time, You must pay each one of your employee’s 5% of your earnings per payday. You can hire employees by doing /company employee hire <name> <amount> You can work either in your house or company building but we suggest you to buy a company building. Company buildings cost money so you must try to keep some money saved to be able to keep your company building. Companies do cost money to create so we suggest doing another job before becoming a business man / women. We advise you to save as much money as possible to get bigger buildings and bigger companies