We have an official server bank that is run by the government showed below, at the bank you can do the following;

  • Deposit money
  • Withdraw any money you have deposited
  • Check your bank balance
  • Rob the bank vault (does not affect people bank balances) “BANK VAULT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE”

Why should you deposit money in your bank? What are the benefits?

As on the server if you die you lose 10% of your balance (excluding any money that deposited in the bank) so e.g. if you have £1000 in /balance and die you will lose £100, causing you to have £900 so it is best to do to bank as much as you can to deposit your money and then withdraw any you need.

Can you buy items and property with bank balance?

No you can not, you have to go withdraw your money and then buy what you want.

Can you rob the bank?

Yes, if you are a criminal role, you can rob the bank.