Hello and welcome to Dusk Haven. This is a server in which you role play the real life in a beautiful city. You can get a job to buy anything you want and live the dream life. In the next few paragraphs, I will mention what to do when you get started on the server and what the server is all about.


What to do when you join:

When you first log into our server you will spawned at the city airport where you will get a nice welcome to the city and everyone should be nice to you. You then are expected to click the npc in front of you to check out the tutorial.


After the tutorial, you should head forward to hop onto the bus that says “Bus to the courthouse” to go to the courthouse showed on the image to the right. 

When you enter the courthouse you can setup your role identity / character by doing /card You can change this whenever you would like. The name and description must be appropriate.

We then advise that you do /kit food and /kit sguides and head back onto the same bus you arrived to the courthouse on which will take you back to the airport. 

When you arrive at the airport, step onto the bus that says “Bus to the university” and step inside the university and follow the signs that say “Jobs this way” and “Jobs in here” and take the Drivers License exam (an essential to every job). The Audia City Guide you got in /kit sguides should help you with the Drivers License exam or you can look at the Drivers license page under Wiki on here.

After you passed the drivers license you can choose from the many jobs we have in store for you. The current list of jobs are:  

  • Business 
  • Employee
  • Police 
  • Swat    
  • Camera Security
  • Chef          
  • Doctor
  • Taxi Driver 
  • Gun-Specialist
  • Criminal
  • Assassin  
  • Farmer

Each job comes with many tiers and a designated amount of money per 20 minutes.

On some jobs you can earn a pay rise or money by doing well. For example, Business gets 85 per 20 minutes however, they get extra money from selling their products. Make sure to be doing a lot on here to get your luxury dream house or vehicle.

Also to be promoted in your career. You have to be active and show you have been excellent at your job.

Many more jobs will come over time in future updates, watch out for them on our discord and in the blog page.

How to role play:

How to role play. You do exactly what that entails. If you’re a police officer. You must speak formally and speak as if you’re a real cop in real life. You act how you would act in that job in real life. You must not speak out of character as it ruins the role play feel and it just feels like a normal survival server. We don’t want that.

If you’re a doctor. Don’t tell someone to do /health to find out their illness. That is not role play. You must take them for an x-ray if you suspect a broken leg, Even though you know what they have. Role play as if you don’t unless they almost die obviously. But I am just trying to say. ROLE PLAY don’t talk out of character and talk as if you’re playing that character in real life.

If you have a problem on the server. Mention it on discord. Not directly in game.

Why create a role play server:

As you know, not many role play servers are out there, why make this one as it’s not a popular game mode. Well that may be true however, This role play server is different to most other role play servers. We try our best to add more features to the server every week or even if it’s a small feature that has huge impacts, we can add them straight away. Not many other servers do that. We also try to get the best community without toxicity.


We hope to to see you on the server soon. This server has taken us a while to develop and would like honest reviews in the comments below. We try our best and only ask that you give us a chance.